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Tour de France 2020: That’s a wrap!

From the most experienced of riders to Tour de France debutants, here’s what our riders had to say when reflecting on the past three weeks.

Alessandro De Marchi:

“It was one of the hardest Tours de France that I did and it has been really hard mentally because of many things. Everything can be more difficult when you are suffering a bit mentally and I think had the crash of last year’s Tour de France in my head a bit. So, it’s really nice and gives me confidence to be back in Paris again and put everything behind me. I will try to enjoy it as much as possible and it will be special because it may be the last Tour de France for this organisation so this in another reason to enjoy every moment with the riders and staff.”

Simon Geschke:

“Like every Grand Tour, it’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride. I had good and bad days but for me, the good memories definitely outweigh the bad. I had some really good moments and I am happy I could get some good results. Unfortunately it wasn’t a stage win but it’s the biggest race in the year and the world so I think we can be happy.”

Jan Hirt:

“This was my first Tour de France and it was a special one with the edition this year and I think there were some differences in the way the race was held. The race was hard and maybe my shape wasn’t where I thought it was but it was a good race and I am really happy that I was part of the team.”

Jonas Koch:

“The race for me was really hard, especially the first week which was quite tough and the level was super high. But I am happy I have finished the Tour and have arrived in Paris. I had a really special day yesterday at the time trial as I was able to enjoy the last five kilometers on the climb where I had some friends and my girlfriend cheering me on. This was really special.”

Matteo Trentin:

“For sure, it was a hard Tour de France. Apart from maybe one day, there really were not many times we could say it was easy. It was probably the hardest Tour de France I’ve ever done in terms of parcours and the way we raced it every day. I was coming here for a stage victory because of circumstances, because I think the legs were pretty good. But for sure, I come out of this Tour de France with high expectations for the races to come.”

Michael Schär:

“It was a really fast Tour and one with not many stages where we had an easy time. We were going all out every day, the climbing was fast, the flat sections were fast, so it feels like we were in Nice yesterday. It’s quite sentimental to be doing my last Tour de France with this organization. After 11 years with Jim Ochowicz, ten years at the Tour, it is always a great day when we roll into Paris. Now, it’s the last time so I will enjoy it and make the most out of it.”

Greg Van Avermaet:

“I think we tried our best. Winning a stage was the goal but we didn’t reach it, but I think everyone gave their best. We were close a few times  but you see how hard it is to win a stage at the Tour de France. There’s nothing you can do about it but give your best. It’s a bit sad to be here at my last Tour de France with this organisation so I want to thank all the people who were involved in my career with this team, Jim, the management, and the staff who have taken care of me.”

Steve Bauer, Sports Director:

“Overall, I think every day we had a good objective and we tried hard. Greg had some good stages and some great chances early on to get the jersey and another chance at Mont Aigoual to get the stage win. Geschke was also really brilliant in his many breakaways to try to get a stage. We battled, we tried hard and although we didn’t meet our objective, the guys gave did their best.”

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