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FEATURE: Unlocking Rider Data in Lockdown with INSCYD’s Power-Performance Decoder

With our 28 riders spread out across the globe, all in different phases of lockdown, CCC Team’s performance team relies on accurate data to gauge rider form and create training plans accordingly.

Enter INSCYD’s Power-Performance Decoder software.

“We are always looking for new ways to analyze rider performance, especially during this unique time with all of our riders at home for the last two months and counting. Normally, we rely on holding training camps to conduct robust testing protocol but knowing we won’t see any of our riders in person for at least the next couple of months, the INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder allows us to continue testing our riders despite the distance between us,” CCC Team Head of Performance Marco Pinotti said.

Power-Performance Decoder explained

INSCYD’s Power-Performance Decoder creates a 360 degree athlete performance profile from only a few short efforts that can be done from home, without the assistance of a coach, creating a virtual lab which is more important than ever in the current Covid-19 environment. The in total 90-minute ride comprises four all out efforts ranging from 20 seconds to ten minutes with adequate recovery in between. The unique technology creates an accurate overall picture of the athlete either only based on power data from training and racing or in combination with laboratory data such as body composition, lactate, or VO2, . Using INSCYD’s software, coaches are able to complete an athlete assessment in less than five minutes.

An unprecedented tool in lockdown

“After a pilot study with a few riders last year, this year we started to test the whole team during the winter. We made a good assessment with lactate testing in December and we are now able to follow it up with the new Power-Performance Decoder,” Marco explained.

Marco highlights that the launch of the Power-Performance Decoder couldn’t have come at a better time with a third of the team’s 28 riders currently confined to their houses without the authorisation to train on the road.

“The key strength of the Power Performance Decoder is the relative ease to repeat it on a scheduled plan. It doesn’t need lactate sampling and therefore comes as an unprecedented tool in these times of lockdown as this test can be done anywhere with simple instructions given to the athlete and without the need for the coach to be present. Most importantly, the results are very robust so we are able to rapidly assess and monitor the progress, prescribe riders more precise training programs, and check whether and how they respond to them.

“INSCYD allows us to access accurate physiological data that provides an accurate and complete picture of the athlete. It gives us a full metabolic profile of an athlete where we can understand how the performance of any individual athlete is created and which areas offer the biggest room for improvement.”

Join the Pros

On Monday, 11th May, Marco will lead CCC Team’s Train Like A Pro Zwift workout where fans will have the chance to perform the Power-Performance Decoder test protocol themselves, alongside the pros! Three lucky fans will have the chance to get their data analyzed by Marco. Stay tuned for more information.

Find out more about the Power-Performance Decoder:

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