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Van Avermaet and Trentin on the revised 2020 calendar

Greg Van Avermaet

“I think it’s good to have a date in mind when we can maybe start. It can still change as it depends on how the virus develops but I think for us riders, it’s really important that we have certain dates in our head where you see big races popping up. I think mentally that’s the most important thing and for sponsors, they can see an end [to the non-racing period] and when we can start riding again. So this helps us both ways.”

I need to discuss with my trainer now how we are going to approach the races as good as possible. I will take a week off now as I have a little bit of knee pain so I am not riding anyway. It’s good to recover. I was already thinking that I would keep training until the Paris-Roubaix weekend and then try to recover a bit. I think it takes a few weeks to really get to a competition level but I think it is good now to know so we can also relax a little bit more, knowing when races will start so you don’t have to train that much anymore and then build up towards some smaller races and then the Tour de France.”

“It’s going to be busy, hopefully. We can see the Nationals, Tour de France, and World Championships together so that will be a big block of important races. Afterwards, the Monuments will come in because for me, I won’t do the Vuelta or Giro I don’t think. So for me, the one day races will be rally important. A big Grand Tour in the legs helps to have strong one-day classics races. so, for me, I hope it goes like this and we will see how far I can come in the races.”

Matteo Trentin

“The first good thing is that at least we can pinpoint something on the calendar. We have a date where we need to be ready so already. Training inside is already difficult for this period of time, for me it’s already one month. But at least now you have it in your mind. As an athlete, you need a goal, a focus, something to work towards so now we have a date. We don’t know if it’s going to happen, of course, as it depends on how this pandemic develops in the next few weeks. But we have a starting point and that’s a good thing.”

“I think it will be really difficult to race everything they say we are going to race. Because if we do three Grand Tours of three weeks, then I don’t think there will be much space for any other races. So, we need to see the set up of the calendar a bit more but this can come with time. It’s not a big deal for the moment, we just need something to say that here maybe we can race and we need to be ready for this. It’s also  good point to not put any WorldTour races in the first month as then we can maybe have some preparation races and the smaller races can survive in Belgium, Italy. The races that were postponed can be used as a training race because now, a training race doesn’t exist anymore.”

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