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De Marchi Sustains Multiple Fractures in Tour de France Crash

De Marchi was immediately transported to hospital where X-rays confirmed the extent of his injuries.

CCC Team Chief Medical Officer Dr. Max Testa said De Marchi sustained a fractured clavicle, ribs, and a lung contusion in the crash which happened in the first 10 kilometers of the stage.

“Alessandro De Marchi was taken to the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire – Hôpital Nord in Saint-Étienne where X-rays confirmed a fractured clavicle, fractured fourth rib, lung contusion with a small pneumothorax, all of which is on the left side, and multiple superficial contusions, including a laceration above the left eyebrow. Alessandro will be kept under observation for the next 24 to 48 hours, during which time it will be decided if surgery is necessary to fixate the clavicle fracture,” Dr. Testa explained.

“Alessandro’s recovery timeline will depend on whether he has surgery but it will be at least three to four weeks before he can start riding on the rollers, following which he will ease back into training on the road. He will hopefully be in a position to race again in early September but we will continue to monitor his recovery and adjust this plan accordingly.”

After a strong display in the stage eight breakaway, De Marchi is disappointed to leave the race in these circumstances.

“I’m really sorry to leave the Tour de France without having won a stage, which was my big goal. I’m disappointed to interrupt my tradition of finishing Grand Tours, as this will be the first time I abandon one. I’m fortunate that my injuries are not worse than they are, I’ve had a chance to speak to my family, and I’m in good hands here at the hospital. I’m looking forward to getting back on the bike as soon as possible,” De Marchi said.

CCC Team will provide a further update on De Marchi’s condition once the decision regarding surgery has been made.

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