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CCC Team Partners with INSCYD to Further Develop Performance Analysis

Marco Pinotti, Head of Performance for CCC Team, was impressed with the initial results and possibilities of using INSCYD to optimize rider testing throughout the season.

“INSYCD is like a compass that guides us in the dark. It gives us an understanding of the riders’ potential and their limits and it gives us guidance on what we need to work on. With INSCYD we understand why some riders are limited in some capacity, if they can improve or not and where they can develop.”

Jim Ochowicz, President of CCC Team, explained the benefits to the team of using INSCYD’s innovative technology.

“At CCC Team, we are always looking to innovate and identify new technology that will help us optimize rider performance so we are excited to start this partnership with INSCYD. The company’s software offers a detailed and unique analysis of individual rider abilities that will allow us to better understand our riders’ strengths and the areas that can be further developed. Our collaboration with INSCYD is an exciting initiative from our performance team that we believe will be beneficial for the team’s results in 2020 and beyond.”

Sebastian Weber, INSCYD Project Leader, is looking forward to developing the working relationship between INSCYD and CCC Team through the new partnership.

“We are super excited to have CCC Team on board. The main part of our partnership is linked to our 2020 upgraded testing protocol, which allows coaches to use power-only data in combination with lactate data. This was the tipping point for the team to be able to follow up riders’ testing during the season even when they can’t have face time with them. In 2019 this technology has been used as a prototype by some teams and coaches, but now they will use it as the main tool to benchmark riders’ performance.”

The new INSCYD protocol consists of a power-only test that the riders can perform on their own, without the help of the team’s coaches or the need for someone else to take lactate samples. At the same time, though, because of the precision and technology behind INSCYD’s algorithm, the test will return to the coaches full metabolic profiles of their riders, with physiological metrics including VO2max, Anaerobic Threshold, glycolytic power (VLamax), Lactate Accumulation and, very important in professional cycling, recovery rates as well as Fat and Carbohydrate Combustion. Additionally, riders can do the test at any time of the year and anywhere in the world without the need to go to a lab.

Once the test is completed, CCC Team’s coaches can analyze the results on INSCYD’s cloud platform and share the results within the performance group. This level of precision and accuracy, trusted not only by CCC Team but also by other WorldTour teams, is only possible with INSCYD, the most advanced software for performance analysis on the market.

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