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Inked Part 1: Underneath the CCC Team Jersey

Alessandro De Marchi

My tattoo has a Koru. It is a symbol in Māori art, symbolizing new life. The circular movement towards refers to ‘going back to the beginning’; remembering that life is a circle, it is never stopping, never ending. The leaves are symbolic for new life, new beginnings.   The turtle in Māori culture means your “home”, your place of birth where you grew up because turtles always go back to the place where they are born. This was symbolic for me because I cannot live far away from my home, my land.  Then there are the initials of the names of my family, Renzo (my father) Enrica (my mother), and Francesco (my brother).


Simon Geschke

My first tattoo was done in LA on holiday. It doesn’t have a very deep meaning but I just love Rock n roll and it’s also my favorite Motörhead song.

The second tattoo “happened“ together with my best friend in Miami on a holiday too. It’s the bear of Berlin (the bear is on the flag and a symbol of the city) because we were both born there but live somewhere else now.

Number three was in 2015 and it is a swallow, painted a bit abstract though. The motive is an old sailor tattoo because swallows always return home safe.

And this one is the last (so far). It’s below a scar from a collarbone surgery. I did it after I broke my collarbone in 2015 when I was very upset to miss the classics in spring because of the injury. Later that year, I won a stage in the Tour de France making the same year unforgettable. So it reminds me to look at the bright side of everything. Even in sh*t times.



Michał Paluta

My tattoo says “Family, health, passion”. This tattoo reminds me of these values which are the most important to me. Family and health are always my top priorities and a passion is something which shapes every man, their character, and builds their internal power. I’m really lucky that I can combine my passion with my job.


Matteo Trentin

The two letters are G for Giovanni and J for Jacopo, my two sons, so I got these when they were born. The turtle I did years ago and on the star in the middle, I put the initials of my family members. So on the big star is my initial and then on the left, D for Daniele, my brother, F for Francisca, my mother, and A for Alessandro, my father. On the small star I have the letters of my grandmother and grandfather.


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