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CCC Team Cookbook: Butternut Squash Gnocchi

Butternut Squash (or Pumpkin) Gnocchi

created by Massimo Carolo

Ingredients (four servings)

Butternut Squash or pumpkin (800 grams or 500 grams if using a puree) 

Flour (250 grams)

Two eggs


Smoked ricotta (150 grams)

Butter (100 grams)

Poppy seeds

Salt, pepper, oil


Peel and cut the butternut squash or pumpkin and bake at 180 ° celsius for at least 30 minutes

Smash the cooked butternut squash or pumpkin into a soft puree

Add the nutmeg, flour, egg and a pinch of salt. Mix once again to until you have a uniform dough


Take a spoonful of dough at a time and place in salted boiling water. When the gnocchi float to the surface you can drain them

Serve with melted butter, smoked ricotta and poppy seeds


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